This has been long over due but when I looked at the task of redoing this website, it became overwhelming. So we called in some help from brother-in-law Eric Friesen and after a couple days of head scrarching, lockouts, and help chat lines, it’s up and running!

My first thought was to try redo all the blogs that vanished into ciber-somehere but thought that we might as well start with the present.

September of this year we opened the Haiti Friendship Centre School. Starting with grade 1 this year and slowly growing, Lord willing, into a full fledged k-13 Christian school.

So, where does one go from here? Well, at the moment we are operating out of what was our guesthouse. It is adequate for this year and we can probably make it work for next year as well with grades one and two but that will be tight. We have begun planning what things need to happen for year 3 and beyond.

(Guesthouse turned school)

In June of this year and again in September, we looked at several properties, talked with land owners, had engineers give preliminary drawings and most importantly have been praying.

Plans and discussions are in vain unless we are seeking direction for God. Unless he builds this ministry, all we will accomplish is frustrating ourselves and the people we are working with. After all our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and he is capable of accomplishing far more than we can imagine.

So now we are praying for direction in what we do next. We cannot build a school without land. We cannot buy land without money. We have no money unless God provides and He will not provide unless we first seek Him and His will. Please join us in praying for direction and discernment as we go forward.


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