The Haiti Friendship Centre is a non profit, faith based organization that operates solely on the generosity of others. We are beginning to search for individuals who also believe that education is vital in breaking the cycle of poverty and that faith in Jesus Christ is essential in restoring hope to world. This fall we began with grade one in what was our guest house and are very pleased to announce things are going great. We have 20 children in our school and some of these would never get this chance due to financial constraints. We also are able to employ 12 people from the community who would otherwise be unemployed and thus struggle to provide for their families. Please consider joining with us through child/staff sponsorship or monthly gifting. We will post regular updates on our website and on our FB page. We would also gladly transport letters and pictures back and forth to sponsor recipients. How can you join us financially? Just follow the links in our donate section and go to Haiti Friendship Centre in the projects tab at The Great Commission Foundation. Also contact us and we will connect you with a child or staff member of your choice via sponsorship card. May God richly bless you for assisting in the education, employment and evangelization of this community in Haiti.

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