In the book of Judges we read of the massive army that Gideon had at his disposal and God whittled it down to a select 300. HE did so that Gideon, and his army could not boast of THEIR accomplishments.

God selected 300 out of the thousands not because of their skill and ability but the exact opposite. The passage says, they lapped their water like dogs. They where probably the least capable of the group that originally existed. But in God’s eyes the most usable.They did amazing things by HIS power not their own.

We are looking for 300 warriors to join us in a battle. That battle is to overcome the financial obstacles of building a school in Haiti.

If we could get 300 people to donate $1 a day for ONE year, we would see amazing things happen. We could purchase the land and begin building this fall. All on $1 a day.
We know that God is asking us to move forward by HIS power and might. Please join us in this ministry of bringing hope.

Mike and Irene Ritskes

Haiti Friendship Centre

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