Here’s our story…Starting in 2014Guesthouse2017

After a short term mission trip in February of 2014, God instilled in us, a yearning or maybe what is described as a calling to learn more. Not just about the amazing Haitian culture, but about His incredible love for mankind. We are continuing to learn what poverty truly is and that money has very little to do with it. Yes, money is in short supply to buy the everyday essentials like clean drinking water and nutritious food, but love, peace and contentment are a heart thing. This is evident in the Haitian culture because they are generally more relational were as North Americans are more task oriented.
House Aquisition!
June 15th, 2015 it happened, we signed a one year rental agreement on a house in Source Matelas, approximatly 45 minutes north west of Port au Prince. The Haiti Friendship Centre Guest house was opened! This was a huge step of faith for us and we were excited to see how God was going to use us and the HFC.
The house is the nicest in the area, at least that we had seen, but still needed some work to make it usable.


The plumbing had been roughed in and most of the bathroom fixtures were in place but there needed to be a water tank lifted to the roof and connected to the existing plumbing in order complete the gravity fed system. The electrical system was intact and could be used during the times that power is supplied, (approx. 12 hrs. per day) so we have begun to install a battery back-up for the rest of the time. Although, we found out the power lines from the pole were inadequate to handle more than lights and a fridge.

While making these upgrades with the assistance of local Haitians, God-given bonds of friendship were formed in the community. Through these relationships, prayer and communication, a new vision arose: education.

As of September 2017 Haiti Friendship Centre is a school to 20 young minds and the house is adequate in size to host small groups as well. Through the support of people like you, this will only be the starting point!


In September of 2018 we moved our students up to grade two and added 20 more children at the grade one level. We believe that we have room for one more class and then we will run out of space.

We have looked at land close by and are currently seeking financial support to build our own facility. This property is large enough for a school, playground, garden for teaching sustainability and future growth.